Fostering is a rewarding and fun volunteer position! If you are interested in fostering, please fill out the application below:


Name *
Have you ever fostered cats before?
Are you allowed to have pets where you live now?
Does everyone in your home agree to fostering?
Does anyone in your home have cat allergies?
Have you ever owned a cat?
Are there other animals living in your home?
Include name, type of animal, and age.
Is/are your personal cat(s):
Are all of the animals living in your home spayed or neutered?
For example, if your other pet is an iguana you can explain that here.
Are your cats current on vaccinations?
Do you have screens on all of your windows?
Do you have a pet door?
Do you have a balcony?
If you are a smoker, do you smoke indoors?
Do you have a seperate room in which you will keep your foster cats/kittens?
Will you be taking kittens to work with you?
What age of kittens are you willing to foster?
Do you have bottle feeding experience?
Are you willing and able to take care of a cat/kitten that is sick?
Are you willing and able to transport cats/kittens to vet appointments?
Are you willing to have a potential adopter meet a cat/kitten in your home?
Are you willing and able to transport your fosters to adoption events on the weekends?
Will you allow us to inspect your home?