About Us

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit, no-kill, volunteer run Animal Rescue

We are not your average animal rescue. Established in 2002, East County Animal Rescue is a grassroots effort of volunteers who are passionate about helping animals in need within the San Diego community. Many of our volunteers have dedicated their lives to helping animals.  As the only rescue in the area executing TNR, we are most often found out on the streets of the community going to great lengths to spay and neuter animals. 

We are committed to the animals that have been left behind.  Our activities are rooted in reducing the over population issues in our community.  We do this through extensive spay/neuter activities. We spay/neuter feral and stray cats through TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) and we help members of our community get their pets spayed/neutered. We work to find homes for animals who would otherwise be left homeless.  To help ensure our animals only go to loving homes, we have a rigorous adoption process.

Our Activities

Trap Neuter Return (TNR)
Spaying and Neutering feral cats is one of our primary activities.  We work with residents of the community who are experiencing over population issues in their area.   We provide this service free of charge but we do love donations!  
Helping the Public Spay/Neuter Their Pets
We help pet owners get their pets spayed and neutered.  This involves any and all activities involved in spaying and neutering pets - connecting to resources, providing resources, transportation to/from vet for pet owners who wouldn't otherwise have a way to get their animals to the vet for spay/neuter surgery.
Providing Medical Care
We take many animals into our rescue that are in dire need of medical care including those animals who would otherwise be euthanized by shelters or humane societies because of their illnesses. Through donations from the public, and our ability to separate ill animals into foster homes, we are able to provide these animals with the care that they need to get back on their feet!
We work to find loving homes for adoptable animals

Our Goals

To Reduce overpopulation, euthanasia rates and animal suffering by spaying and neutering animals
Our Progress: Last year we spayed/neutered over 1800 animals. We want to increase that by 50%

To connect adoptable animals with loving homes
Our Progress :We prefer to focus on quality not quantity, but last year we did this for over 800 animals.

To build a sanctuary for unadoptable animals who can not be returned to their colony
Our Progress :Currently we have over 70 unadoptable permanent residents housed in catteries and foster homes but now have to turn to sanctuaries nationwide for placement.

To create an adoption center
Our Progress :We currently do adoptions through Petco, Petsmart, word-of-mouth and from online marketing. We would love to expand to include a retail adoption center so that adoptable animals are more visible to potential forever homes.