Sunday, September 4

Help With Feral Cats

If you are experiencing issues related to over population of feral cats (spraying, yowling, high numbers, etc) we may be able to help!  While we provide this help free of charge, we do welcome donations!

What We Can Do:

We can trap the feral cats in and around your area and take them to be spayed /neutered.  If there are kittens that are under 8 weeks old, we will assess them and determine if they can be tamed for adoption and if we have room available we will take them into our rescue - if not they will be fixed and returned.  All other cats will be returned once they are spayed/neutered. WE DO NOT RELOCATE FERAL CATS (as it is considered inhumane and against many city ordinances).

When we do TNR in an area, we also look for residents in the area with pets that need to be spayed/neutered.  We will assist in getting their pets fixed as well as often over population issues start with unfixed pets.

What The Process Involves

We will first come and assess your situation. We may leave you with a "dummy trap" and have you start feeding inside the trap
.  We refer to this as "trap training."   There are times when we will begin trapping without the trap training process.  The day before we come we will have you withhold food.   We usually return cats 1-2 days after surgery. 

We use a variety of trapping methods including box traps, drop traps, netting and more.

How to Get Help
We do not take projects on a "first come first served" basis but assist in order of need and number of traps we have available.  We receive numerous calls a day.  Please be patient as we are all volunteers and do what we can in the time that we have.

You can email us at or you can call us.  Please let us know approximately how many cats you think are living in the group.