Tuesday, July 1

RIP BUBBA, THE BIG ORANGE CAT (7/2000-6/30/14)

My name is Bubba the big orange cat....

My name is Bubba and I crossed the Rainbow Bridge today.  It’s nice here, the sun is shining and I can run again without pain.

The lady who cared for me kept crying a lot when she put me in her car. The vet and other people kept saying “bone cancer” and other words I didn’t understand. With my eyes I tried to tell my foster Mom that I was glad she brought me to a place where they would tend to my needs and remove my pain. I only asked that she stay with me. Her tears kept wetting my fur and her soft voice whispered in my ear until the end.

But, let me tell you my story of how I got to ECAR and my foster Mom. I had a great life with my owner and then she died. I can remember my owner’s voice asking the family to take care of me after she was gone. Everyone answered that they would, and this made me feel safe. There was sadness all around me and missing my owner became a part of my day. The family talked of taking a vacation, whatever that is, and I thought I was going with them because they put me in a carrier and we went for a ride.

The destination was the Animal Shelter and things felt scary and unsafe. They just left me there...in a cold steel cage. I waited. They never came back.

I’m a big kitty, plump you might say, and was at least 12 years old when they took me to the shelter. No one even looked at me when they passed by the cages. Very quickly a nice lady showed up and asked the shelter people if ECAR could have me. She seemed to be in a hurry to get me out of there, and that was alright with me. Papers were signed and I was in for another ride.

Now this was just too much! I expressed my opinion all the way to my foster Mom’s house. I was not happy.  The lady driving kept talking too....she was trying to out talk me! She babbled on about being safe now with ECAR, how everything would be fine, how I’d be warm and loved, and be loved forever. At the time, I had my doubts, but it was all true.

To make a long story short, ECAR was my home for the next two years.

 I lived with other cats and numerous rascally kittens. Kittens were so much fun to watch, swatting at them as they raced by was my favorite pastime. Wet food was served every day and fresh water and soft beds were part of house keeping. Head pets, scratchies, and love were given on a daily basis, despite the fact I liked to growl and act like I didn’t enjoy them. “Adoption” was a word I heard all the time, but evidently for me it was never to happen.

Oh, they tried and took me to adoption events and I got very scared. So scared that they told me I did not have to go anymore. My foster Mom said “don’t worry, you can live here forever because we love you big orange Bubba!” So, I growled at her just to keep up my image. Actually, I enjoyed living there and all the love we shared.

 When you see kittens and cats available for adoption , remember that ECAR has other kitties that are not so easily adopted for one reason or another. But, all of them deserve a great life, that’s what my foster Mom said. I know these kitties are still at ECAR waiting. Ask about them, maybe you can help. I think they are called “permanent residents”.

There are plenty of soft places here so I’m going to take a nap. I am content and have been reunited with my first owner who loves me so much and calls me by my original name of Sweetie Pie!

Thanks for listening to my story about all the love I received from ECAR and if you see my foster Mom tell her I love her!


Thursday, June 19


On June 9th the daughters of an elderly couple living in La Jolla sent out a plea for help. Their parents' 10-year-old indoor only cat, Scooter, had gotten out of the house. Due to a family of 10 feral cats, 3 adults and 7 kittens, living on the property, Scooter could not get back to his house without the protective mothers chasing him away. Although ECAR mainly stays in the east county, this story pulled at our rescue heartstrings. We jumped into action. By Thursday morning (the day of our spay/neuter clinic) we had caught all 10 ferals. All 10 were fixed, we found placement for the 7 kittens, the adults will be released back into their yard and the BEST PART OF ALL, Scooter was meowing at the back door this morning and is safe in his owner's arms!!!!!! It doesn't get any better than that!!! Here is the text we received from his daughter along with this picture: "My dad's name is Dr. Sun Lee. He just turned 94 on June 2 so this is a great bday and Father's Day gift to have Scooter back. It's a happy home at the Lee's today. You and your peeps are awesome."

Sunday, April 6

Ecar's 1st Annual Rummage Sale..

Thank you Ecar supporters! Our first annual rummage sale was a huge success! We had great fun selling items and meeting folks who knew all about us, and those who had never heard of the work we do. All the money raised is going to our "kitten season" needs for food, medicine, and care. We appreciate all of our generous shoppers!

Wednesday, March 19

Announcing Tabitha's Trust...

ECAR is excited to announce a trust for our special cats and kittens. These beloved permanent residents of our rescue have disabilities--some are behavioral and others are neurological. These and other medical problems have kept them from being adopted to date. They are safe with us, and receive all the care they need.

The trust is named after Tabitha, who is now 2 years old and has Cerebellar Hypoplasia. This condition limits her mobility, but she does get around in a staggering sort of walk. She has head tremors and falls over. But we give her steps and lift her to the places she wants to go. She never misses the litter box!

ECAR has 70 cats that are in this special needs category. All are available for adoption to a home that can accommodate their needs. Please contact us through info@eastcountyanimalrescue.org for more information on these special cats.
You may help by donating through Paypal or check, please mark "TT" on your donation so it goes to Tabitha's Trust.

If you would like to read more about Tabitha's condition, Cerebellar Hypoplasia" pls go to:

Sunday, January 27

Thank you for the generous gift Ark Antiques!

A big thanks to Ark Antiques!  They gave us $6400 to make an enclosure for some of our cats and purchase cages we so desperately needed!

Ark Antiques is a non-profit volunteer organization in La Jolla, CA,  benefiting local animal charities and humane causes.  Their shop offers consigned and donated treasures from the finest estates in La Jolla and beyond.

Stop by and visit them on Girard Ave in La Jolla or at http://www.arkantiques.org/